Shopping Guarantees

Shopping Guarantees

At OZ Body Jewellery we always work our hardest to make and keep our customers satisfied and, wherever possible, strive to improve all aspects of our business and the products and services that we provide.

To us, customer satisfaction is making sure that each and every one of our customers is completely satisfied with every aspect of their online shopping experience. We know it’s frustrating when you order something online only to have it arrive and not be what you expected, and even if the issue can be resolved it takes extra time and is just an additional hassle that you just don’t need. This is why at OZ Body Jewellery we believe that when you buy something online you should know what you are getting and have certain guarantees that the products are as described. The following are our guarantees and ones that we stand by!

Shopping GuaranteesOur Quality Guarantee Who wants to buy something only to have it fall apart, break or just become a throw-away not long after buying it. NOT US! And we wouldn’t want it for our customers either. That’s why at OZ Body Jewellery we guarantee that we have taken great care to ensure all of the products we sell are quality products.

Shopping GuaranteesOur Best Price Guarantee At OZ Body Jewellery we believe in offering our customers our range of products at the best price possible. We guarantee that we are constantly hard at work looking for ways we can pass savings on to our customers, all without having to sacrifice on quality. You may notice that our products ship from our main warehouse in Australia, this is done so we can provide our customers with the cheapest possible shipping costs and the fastest possible shipping times.

Shopping GuaranteesOur Right Size Guarantee. The last thing we want to do is to sell you a product that you can’t wear because it is the wrong size. At OZ Body Jewellery we also understand that working out sizing for anything you want to buy can sometimes be hard, and even more-so online. It is for this reason that we have attempted to provide as much information about each of our products as possible so that our customers can make the most informed decision about their purchase. This information and links to other relevant information such as sizing and colour can be found on each individual product page. Our Right Size Guarantee is a guarantee that all of the sizing (charts, tables, diagrams etc.) we have on our site are accurate measurements and directly represent the sizing of the products that they relate to. It is also a guarantee that we will provide you with all the help and advice you require to feel confident you have selected the right size. For additional help with sizing just head on over to our CONTACT US page and follow the relevant links.

Shopping GuaranteesOur Security Guarantee At OZ Body Jewellery because your security is of high importance to us we secure our site through the use of SSL (secure socket layer) encryption, the highest standard in Internet security. This provides our customers with a secure connection to our site at all times, but most importantly when providing us with personal information, like when registering for an account. Additional information can be found on our Privacy & Security Policy Page.
OZ Body Jewellery also uses PayPal and Stripe third-party payment gateways for our transactions as they ensure our customers a hassle-free, safe and secure transaction with the security and backing of two of the most trusted payment gateways for online transactions. This also ensures that all of your payment particulars, such as credit card numbers etc., are never stored or held by OZ Body Jewellery under any circumstances giving you extra piece of mind that your details are secure. Additional information can be found on our Secure Payment Guarantee Page.

Shopping GuaranteesOur Privacy Guarantee At OZ Body Jewellery we Guarantee that any personal information that customers may be required to pass on to us through the use of this site remains completely PRIVATE. We also guarantee that we will not pass on or sell any of our customers personal information under any circumstances. We value all of our customers privacy which is why we guarantee it on our site. Additional information can be found on our Privacy & Security Policy Page.


More About Oz Body Jewellery

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"OZ Body Jewellery was created out of a desire to provide all Australia's with access to a wide range of Body Jewellery at a reasonable price, all delivered to their door within days and all backed-up with awesome customer support."

OZ Body Jewellery is an Australian based and family run business that began in August of 2016. With close ties to a wide variety of global suppliers, OZ Body Jewellery has a wide, varied and growing range of many different types of Body Jewellery. The Staff at OZ Body Jewellery have experience in both the body jewellery and e-commerce industries, guaranteeing our customers will receive quality products and a hassle free shopping experience. Located in Victoria, our warehouse can ship out any order the same day it is placed*, meaning that you get your order FAST! We also have FREE Shipping available. To find out more head on over to our Shipping & Returns Page.

At OZ Body Jewellery we strive to have a style to suit all our customers. Our growing catalogue at OZ Body Jewellery contains body jewellery made from 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, Titanium<, Acrylic, Bio-Flex, Bone, Stone and different types of Wood

OZ Body Jewellery's extensive catalogue has a wide selection of; Plugs & Tunnels, Barbells & Tongue Piercing Jewellery, Belly Piercing Jewellery, Cartilage Piercing Jewellery, Captive Bead Rings, Eyebrow Piercing Jewellery, Labrets & Monroe Piercing Jewellery, Nose Piercing Jewellery, Septum Piercing JewelleryTapers & Stretchers, Retainers, Nipple Rings and Basic or Initial Piercing Jewellery

So, why buy from us?

At OZ Body Jewellery, we believe all our customers deserve products made only from the highest quality materials and delivered with the best customer service. We assure customers that all products are carefully inspected and hand packaged before being shipped to your door.

If you are looking for quality Body Jewellery at the best price, shipped straight to your door, hassle free, make your next Body Jewellery purchase right here at OZ Body Jewellery.

At OZ Body Jewellery all our products are located in our warehouse in Australia. Because of this, we can ensure your order is shipped within 24 hours of being placed and processed. To find information on our shipping, you can check our Shipping & Returns page. This page should answer any questions you may have about receiving your ordered products, or any issues you may have in regards to this. But, if you can't find answers to your questions head to our Contact Us page and either send us an email or fill our our Contact Form.

It doesn't matter what part of your body is pierced, you should always use high quality body jewellery. Shopping at OZ Body Jewellery guarantees all this without the over-inflated prices you might expect from other retailers and with all the support you need.

*Provided the order is placed before 5:30pm EST, Monday to Friday

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